Join us

We seek highly motivated researchers to join our lab! Positions for students, postdocs and research scientists are available. We are a computational lab, so some programming/quantitative skills are a basic requirement. The lab does offer opportunities for a range of different projects, requiring somewhat different backgrounds. For projects focusing on developing new computational methods, an ideal candidate will have strong quantitative training and some experience or clear interest in genomics. For more applied projects, a candidate should have some programming experience and good knowledge of genomic data.

Postdoctoral associates

A postdoc joining the lab will work on some of the main research areas in the lab, but s/he will have considerable freedom in choosing and designing the projects. The candidates are expected to have a degree in a relevant field such as computational biology/bioinformatics, population and statistical genetics, statistics or computer science. The successful candidates will have the opportunities to work in a very dynamic research field, benefit from a highly intellectually stimulating environment, and enjoy a competitive salary. Interested candidates are encouraged to send your CV to Xin: xinhe at Informal inquiries are welcome.

We are actively searching for postdocs, see the job ad here.

Graduate students

Prospective students should apply for one of our Ph.D. programs such as Human Genetics and Committee on Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology (GGSB). This website has information on computational genomic training at UChicago. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Xin ( before application.