5/2020: Siming Zhao accepted a job offer to be  tenure-track Assistant Professor at Department of Biomedical Data Science, Dartmouth College. Congratulations, Siming!

5/2020: Our work on the role of mRNA modification in human disease is now accepted by Nature Genetics. Kevin Luo is the joint first author. It is a collaboration with Chuan He's lab.

4/2020: Jean Morrisan's paper on Mendelian Randomization is accepted by Nature Genetics.

3/2020: Jean Morrison accepted a job offer to be a tenure-track assistant professor at Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Congratulations, Jean!

9/2019: Xiaotong Sun from Peking University joined the lab as a visiting student.

8/2019: Siming Zhao's paper on cancer driver gene analysis is published online at Nature Communications

7/2019: Sheng Qian joined the lab as a Research Assistant. Sheng is a bright student just graduated from Cornell, with two papers already as an undergraduate. Welcome, Sheng!

4/2019: Our collaborative work with Chuan He's lab is published at Journal of American Chemistry Society.

3/2019: The lab won a joint R01 grant from National Institute of Mental Health, with the collaborators Jubao Duan at NorthShore Research Institute and Boian Alexandrov at Los Alamos National Lab.

9/2018: Yuwen Liu (former postdoc) started a new position as Principal Investigator at Agricultural Genome Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Good luck, Yuwen!

3/2018: Yuwen Liu's method for analyzing de novo mutation data is accepted by American Journal of Human Genetics.

9/2017: Zhongshan Li joined the lab as a visiting scholar. Tiffany Ke visited the lab from Chinese University of Hong Kong.

8/2017: Yifan Zhou from the Biophysics PhD program joined the lab. Welcome, Yifan!

6/2017: Alan Selewa from the Biophysics PhD program joined the lab.

4/2017: Xin is awarded a R01 grant from National Institute of Mental Health! The grant is about developing integrative computational methods for studying human diseases.

10/2016: Jean Morrison and Kevin Luo joined the lab. Jean was a PhD student in biostatistics from Univ. of Washington. Kevin obtained PhD in computational biology from Duke. Both of them will work with Xin and Matthew Stephens.

1/2016: Xin is awarded a SFARI (Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative) grant to study genetics of autism using whole-genome sequencing data.

8/2015: PhD student from GGSB (Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology) Nicholas Knoblauch joined the lab. Welcome, Nick!

6/2015. Yuwen Liu joined the lab as a postdoc. Yuwen obtained his PhD in Developmental biology from UChicago, with substantial experience in regulatory genomics.

4/2015: Shengtong Han joined the lab as a postdoc scholar. Welcome, Shengtong!

2/2015: Xin gave a talk at the Statistics Colloquium at Department of Statistics, University of Chicago.

12/2014: A story about TADA, the statistical method we developed, was published at U of Chicago ScienceLife. Here is the story.

10/2014: Our autism sequencing paper is published in Nature, followed by coverage in major news media.

9/2014: Our lab started at University of Chicago!